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Agency Owner

(516) 279-8320

Looking for a company that will go the extra mile for you?

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I have been in the financial services industry since 2014. In my ongoing quest for health, wealth, love, & happiness, I found in Symmetry a truly value-based, future-oriented company with a turn-key, plug & play solution for running a profitable business. Our simple, duplicatable system allows us to focus our energy on becoming leaders worth following. When we invest in ourselves, we gain the capacity to invest in others, and fuel the rising tide that sets others free from chasing time & money.

Let's Get Started

Take some great notes!! This is what you will be discussing during your interview. There are TWO videos and you must watch them BOTH in order to schedule.

The SFG Philosophy

  1. Hear from Symmetry’s Top Agency Owners
  2. Listen to the Principals discuss the Philosophy
  3. Get a peak into the culture
  4. Discover if You are the right fit!

Agent Support + Growth

Diverse and proven lead system for our entire product portfolio

Fast track training exclusively built for Symmetry agents

Marketing and recruiting support to build your business

Ongoing mentorship with calls, webinars and events

Flexible career paths for achieving goals your way.

The Symmetry Difference

Once you’ve joined our team, you’ll be a part of something truly special. Symmetry Financial Group agents gain access to exclusive courses and leadership programs designed to provide opportunity, guidance and feedback. We will be right there to support you as you achieve personal and professional growth.

Symmetry Impact

Celebrating team

members making a

difference in their



A platform for women

to amplify their impact

in the workplace + the



Courses, calls + guides

to support personal

growth + leadership


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